Sunny State of Queensland where I am now at.


The sun gets out of bed very early in this part of the world. That is  why I am at 6.30  whilst staying in Surfers Paradise…..and it’s not even a race day. I could go outside and run next to the sea like so many others whom I see out my window, But I am lazy and just have an early breakfast on my balcony and watch the walkers and joggers pass by. Always nice to sit back and watch the sea.

Yesterday I played Golf which I do once a year…and maybe that is once too much. I hacked my way around in a sort of OK manner.I hit he ball a long way  off the Tee ( i think thats what Golfers call it) and very straight but that’s about it. Not my sport. Plus I caught a cold on the flight up here which I seem to do on flights quite regularly.

Despite a fairly sore back ( caused by my Golf no doubt) and a bit of a headache….not to mention my sore quad….I ran a decent 17 Km. Nothing too flash just 8.5 Km out….to a turn which I call ‘the white Rocks’ ( Rocks painted white….clever name!) ….then 8.5 Km back. Coming back was into a strong wind and I pushed it a bit. So that was OK.

It has been less than three weeks since the Marathon so I am taking it a bit easy as of late.

I have started another BLOG  about my quest to run faster.  Not sure how to link to this one. 

I seem to have come through the Marathon Come Back Race OK…apart perhaps from my toes.






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