A tale of Misery



Did not feel up to running today. Back was sore….so was chest. Maybe from longish run  on paths two days ago….or the stupid golf I played….or even the swimming yesterday. Maybe even the fairly recent Melbourne Marathon. Anyway I did not feel the need to run today.Rest…put my feet up….listen to some music…Dixie Chicks maybe.

As soon as I started I found I was running into a massive head wind. I had picked my old old training shoes  by mistake and they made a loud irritating  slapping noise each time I hit the ground. I also could not find my sports watch which made me feel even worse.

I knew where the 5 Km mark was so my plan was to run on past that…then through the bush and down onto the sand and run home. I thought it would be easy on the sand with the wind behind. It was less than 6 Km to get home once I hit the sand so really how hard could it be.

OK it probably was not that hard but it sure did not feel that much fun. Waves coming in…soft sand…fisherman….people kicking balls. Seemed to take quite a while. maybe lucky I did not have a watch. I tried a few surges which were pretty much just a joke. To say the least I am not a sand runner.

The quest for speed continues….but perhaps not much progress made today.


All replies welcome.

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