Duel with the Sun


It was really not that hot at 26 degrees in Sunny Queensland but to this Melbourne boy it felt hot enought. Probably leaving at 10.30 was a mistake as it meant we would end our long run at the hottest time of the day.

Plan was that we would run 10 Km down the coast…do a U turn….run 10 Km back and then Tamami would run another 10-15 by herself  to get her long run in.

But plans did not work out the way we wanted. By the time we got to the first turn ( which was actually less than 10 Km) I  was feeling bad. We were running each Km faster than the one before and this was probably not a great move. Dodging many many tourists whilst running at 5 min per Km pace does not sound hard but it means you have to be watching every step whilst trying to keep the sweat out of your eyes.Image

Tamami took water and wore a hat and a T shirt. I took no water and wore no hat and ran in my racing singlet. Maybe not wise.

After about 80 minutes I found it hard to work out exactly where we were. I even ran up a side street by mistake…I think I did…..

When we did get back to the drop off point I thought I still had to run more. Actually I was not sure we were even in Sunny Queensland.. Tamami decided to call it a day at that point. She can have another go in Toyko where climate will be kinder.

Not much speed training today. Probably a lesson or two learned.

One thing for sure is that I am not a runner in the heat.


All replies welcome.

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