Feeling unwell in Japan


ImageIt seems these days that whenever I fly any where I catch a cold.

After yesterday’s flight to Tokyo I felt bad. Over night I felt worse. I must have caught a cold from someone on the plane ( again!!).

My chest and back have been hurting all day. Not to mention my sore quad.

As I started running this afternoon my stomach took a turn to feel bad. Maybe

all the sneezing.

I passed a young guy running in front of me with a glacier like surge on my part. He may have been 30 years younger than me but he was wearing a full track suit so I assumed he would not be up to much.

Felt so bad I turned after 26 minutes and ran home to finish in 52 something. Back hurt the most on the way home.

Tomorrow I go to Oda Field ,the track in Tokyo where my Japanese club, Namban Rengo ,trains. We will do some reps and I can say my speed training has begun.


All replies welcome.

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