When less running is better.


Years ago…well maybe 25 years ago….I would follow up a long run with a hard run the next day. Nowadays I do things differently. Yesterday was not really that far a run…about 25 Km….but time wise it was fairly long. According to my new way of thinking I am taking the next day after a long run very easy.

Today I pretty much did nothing. Only a short jog and 30 minutes on the exercise bike in the gym.

I also started on developing a little upper body strenght by doing some push ups. Only sets of 20 push ups but I will increase the number in the fullness of time.

I did do two stretching sessions. I am amazingly stiff so part of my plan is become a bit more flexible. 

I have got back to stomach crunches and did 150  of these little beauties. Also started doing The Plank thing again. I have purchased a cheapo clock from the 100 yen shop so I can time myself with my stretches and planking.

Tomorrow I will be back on the road. Taking time off like I did today is really not that much fun.Image


All replies welcome.

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