Over coming illness by running.


After feeling like death warmed over yesterday it was with some hesitation that I laced up my brand new super delux ultra light blood red speed racing shoes for their first outing.

Feeling some what awful at the start. back and chest hurt. Probably due to sneezing and coughing all day yesterday. However after about three Km I started moving a bit faster than my usual shuffle. Got to the Secret Forest feeling ok. Saw another runner….this is meant to be a secret place known only to me and Tamami San!

With about 5 Km to go I realized that I had a chance to run my fastest time for this course. I know Training times mean nothing but it is always nice to go a little faster. I pushed it home….finding that I was running at top pace…I tried to go faster but my legs just did not seem to turn over as fast as I would have liked.

People walking along the Tokyo streets must have been surprised at this weird guy gasping and spluttering along.

Although I am still not very fast so far, today’s run was my fastest ever over this course.Image


All replies welcome.

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