Fairly short ‘ long run ‘.


ImageOne of my best runs here in Tokyo is to run out to Hanada Airport from my apartment. It’s barely 10 Km out and 10km home but feels longer. I run through 5 linear forests so it’s quite an interesting run.

Felt bad for the first 5 or 6 Km with my chest hurting as well as my back. I did a lot of stretching this morning plus sets of push ups and stomach crunches which are good to do but made me a little sore. However on the way back I started to feel good and made it home in excellent form.

I want to keep my long runs…or my ‘ long runs ‘….at no more than 20 or perhaps 25 Kms. I don’t want to worry about real long runs at this stage. Rather try to get faster over shorter distances. Today was a good start in that regard.

Today’s run had the added bonus of me feeling absolutely terrible at the start. Could have easily stopped at 5 Km and just U turned and gone home. But I kept on and managed to run through the pain.I was happy to get to the half way mark and was rewarded  with feeling a lot better on the return journey.



All replies welcome.

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