Race that wasn’t.



Woke this morning with a bit of a cold. Felt absolutely terrible but had promised a Namban friend that I would run a leg in a charity relay at  the Palace this afternoon. Anyway I rocked up with all my gear. I had already been demoted to the ‘ fun team ‘ which really did not thrill me much ! Then my friend produced a very young women whom he had met yesterday and Promised her a run. Being such a nice guy I stepped aside. This young girl had never raced before so she was very happy to be allowed to race. So some one was happy.

I ran a hard 5 Km by myself which I was quite pleased with. I did not time it but felt I was close to my current race pace. I pushed myself on the hills and did not slack off. I actually felt better after running than I did before I started.

Photo is of me after my run.


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