ImageAfter running about 50 Kms in the last 4 days I decided on a rest day today. Just an easy 60 minutes of running the streets of Tokyo. However after about 6 Km of this I decided to increase the pace and push for home. Looked a bit exhausted after the run…see Pic….no wonder people in the lift look askance.

MY PLAN : First off cut out the long runs. Run no more than 20-25 Km at one time.

Next to get some solid one hour runs in finishing strongly over the last 4 or 5 Km.

Plus some tempo runs. 30 minutes steady …20 minutes at 15 Km pace…easy 4 Km home.

Track running with Namban Rengo Tokyo Running club. Once a week. On the track. 6 x 1000. Recording my average time and plan to decrease it.

Will this help me run faster….we will see…..if it does not I will try something else.

All replies welcome.

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