Between training days.


ImageOver the last 5 days I have had 5 fairly decent runs. Total was only around 60km all up but as of late thats  a reasonable distance for me especially as I have not been well. Tomorrow I will run on the track with Namban Rengo my running club here in Tokyo.Probably something like 6 by 1000m. Always a good session.

As I am having a decent track hit out tomorrow I only went for a token jog today. I could have done a session on the exercise bike but I am beginning to thing such does not really help me much. Plus it’s incredibly boring.

Very nice being in Japan but I just have to get over catching a cold every second day.



2 thoughts on “Between training days.

    • Thanks I could have looked it up but am too lazy. I read recently that doing the same distance in reps is better than a pyramid. Will tell you more about when we get to run together.

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