Good track session on crowded Tokyo track.


Nowadays any track session I can walk away fromImage uninjured is a good one.

Ran with Namban Rengo at Oda field tonight. Very very crowded. Runners everywhere. My club alone had over 50 runners.

I am still very slow and still suffering from a cold. Although my 1000m reps averaged 4.17  I was faster than last time. Further as I said there was runners everywhere. I was running into the back of people and had to dodge and swerve as I ran. So although I do still move like a sick glacier I think I am improving.

After each run I felt pretty bad. I had to jog a little after finishing. I am hoping that I will feel better as time goes by and I become used to this type of training.


One thought on “Good track session on crowded Tokyo track.

  1. Great blog with a wonderful mission! Thanks for stopping by and liking a post. 🙂 Good luck with your quest for a faster you; I’ll stop in and see how you’re doing now and then. If there’s anything that would be helpful for you to read about on Run:ology, let me know and I’ll see what I can do about getting you info that’s helps you meet your goals! ~Lisa

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