Running through the dark woods.


Well it may have not really been all that dark when I ran through the Shinagawa forest today. But it is getting dark very early these days in Tokyo so I was pleased to get out of the trees before the dark closed in on me and the narrow winding forest trails became more dangerous than they usually are. I always feel reasonable safe in these forests if I can stay on the trail and it is not too dark.

After track last night I just ran for an hour today. I finished strongly.Maybe the pace was not that fast but in the gloom it seemed fast enough.I have various aches and pains at different times but I just live with them.

Weight is now 66.2 Kgm. No light weight to be sure but I have been hitting the food bucket hard as of Imagelate so not too bad. The food here in Japan is great and I often have my snout deep in the trough.


All replies welcome.

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