Feeling ill so only one thing to do.


Again I catch cold…up all night coughing and sneezing. Two hours sleep. Felt terrible. Chest hurt. Could not breath. Trouble even lacing up my running shoes.

After a solid run on Thursday plan was to do a tempo run Friday. A friend runs 4 Km warm up for his Tempo and then a hard 8 Km at just over 4 .10 pace. I considered I am not up to that at this stage and thought 4 Km warm up….4 Km tempo….4 Km warm down. However I thought that was not too smart considering how bad I felt.

Ran along the canals surrounding the island in Tokyo upon which I live. Took the pace fairly easily at first and immediately felt better. Sure I only ran for 31 minutes but it was good to get out. By the end I felt 100% better than when I started. It is true what the wise men say ” Running cures all “

I think I better put that down on my list of things not to do…” Dont get sick”. 

A photo of me pointing towards the futureImage


All replies welcome.

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