Tempo type run.


Tried a new sort of run today. Ran to end of 5 Forests in Shinagawa at a slow to moderate pace. Maybe 8- 8.5 Km. Didnt measure or time.U turn and ran back the way I had come at a hard pace…probably between my 15 and 10 Km race pace. Certainly felt hard enough.

Did not run back via the Forests but on the paths and later next to the canals. Sometimes wind sea wind comes off the canals and freezes you. But today conditions were quite good.

Finished my hard section at a local land mark known as The Blue Bridge. Total time was 28 minutes 12 seconds. When I do this run again I will try and beat that time.

Finally jogged the last 2 Kms home.

Apart from  a sore chest ( probably due to recent cold ) my only aches and pains were to my hammies and of course my right quad ( which hurts all the time).ImageToday Today was a reasonable run….nothing wonderful but still a step in the right direction I think.



All replies welcome.

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