What to do next ??


ImageMy  main aim at this stage is to run with out injury. I have a few aches and pains but I live with those.

Yesterday I ran with effort for almost 30 minutes in a run of about 15 Kms. Accordingly today was just an easy run around the canals next to my apartment in Tokyo. Total time was 25 minutes. I would not want to do much more even if it was not an easy day as I find the tiles next to the canal a fairly hard surface. Certainly nothing like the trails in the Shinagawa forests.

I am in a fairly good space at the moment and want to push forward. Build on my speed/power as well as my over all speed. In terms of a quantifiable aim I would like to be able to start each race by running the first Km under 4 minutes and then keep going at a reasonable pace.

My plan is to do one reasonably long run per week ( not too long…say 20km) plus one track session with my Namban Team mates here in Tokyo and one tempo run. Thats three days out of the week. Not really sure how I should fill the rest of the week. Thats something I will have to work on.



All replies welcome.

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