Importance of warming up.


I warm up before each race. In fact if I have a race in the afternoon I will go for a run in the morning. Only about 3 Kms but enough to get my breathing where I want it. Even Marathons require a warm up. Many people say such things as ” A marathon is a long way I will warm up in the first 5 Km”. Well that may be ok for some especially if you are plonking around in 4 hours or so. But my thought is that going from zero to sub 7 minute mile pace without getting your system ready for it is asking for trouble.

With training it’s also not easy to feel good at the beginning of a run. One minute you are sitting of your large white leather sofa watching AKB48 and then next minute you are racing out to Tokyo’s secret forest in Shinagawa. For me the first 20 minutes are just getting my body in motion. It’s after 30 minutes that the benefits of a run occur. At least that’s my take on things in relation to myself.

Fantastic running weather here in Tokyo. 12 degrees…little wind…no rain.

This morning I wanted an easy run but conditions dictated something a little faster….not that I go fast….Anyway I ran about 14 Kms running through two of the Forests and coming home via the canals.

A few pains but they come and go.

Weight 65.5 Kgm. Could be better but not too bad.Image

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