Is stronger better?


A running pal who happens to be a doctor told me that males lose 1% of their strenght per year after the age of 35. For me that means I have something like 10 % left.  🙂

At various times I have tried gym work…meaning pushing weights. I have always got reasonable results and found that I could pretty much double my strenght after a few months Of pushing weights 4 or 5 times a week. BUT on the other side of the 500 yen coin my running at no stage improved.

So despite my belief that a stronger athlete is a better runner the efforts of pushing iron did not translate into faster times running wise. Accordingly I always quit. But later started again for the same results. Those results being I could move a lot more weight after training for a while but I just couldn’t run faster.

I am slowly getting my running together but I feel I may be a bit soft. Accordingly I am hitting the gym again.

As luck would have it my apartment building here in ToKyo has a large fully equipped gym.

So it’s  Arnie time. But….I ‘ll be back.Image



All replies welcome.

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