Running the Secret Forest at speed.


ImageHow often have I been asked how long does it take to run from one end of the secret forest in Shinagawa to the other? Well actually no one has ever asked that but it is an interesting question none the less.

There are 5 forests in a row which I run in. The first is only 4-5 Km from my apartment so I used that distance as a sort of warm up. I then stopped for about 30 seconds at the boundary of the first forest and then ran it as hard i could. I am not very good over broken ground and poor at going up hills and even worse going down. But regardless of how poor I am at running I pushed myself today. Near the end I thought that I may not do this for a while.

Total time was 5 minutes 46. Not that long but I certainly tried hard.

I then jogged about 6 Km home finishing the last Km fairly hard.

This type of running certainly gets my heart pumping.

Weight now 65.1 Kgm

With my running and my weight I still have a way to go. But I am on the road.


All replies welcome.

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