Tamami running Macau Marathon on Sunday.


ImageTomorrow we are off to Macau via Hong Kong where  starting at 5 AM (!!) on Sunday Tamami will run the Macau Marathon. I am also entered but it’s not something I want to do at this stage. Plus I have a cold and am feeling pretty miserable.Hopefully I will recover  during the 5 hour plane flight. Tamami also has a bit of a cold but she is very strong and will shake this off no doubt.

I wrote to the organizers and asked to transfer to the Half Marathon but they replied that the quota is full. So it looks like I will not race.Although I am bringing my racing shoes just in case.

Currently I am working towards what I call speed/ stamina. By this I mean run at a faster pace for a longer period. Things are going fairly well…if you ignore the two or three colds I have caught since coming to Japan a few weeks ago. I am finding putting in the efforts  to run faster are quite hard. But the more I can do the better I will get….well that is the plan anyway.

Today consisted of a Gym session and a short run. In the past when I got sick I ran it out knowing that running cures all. However this time I jogged short rather than push myself. Time to push myself will come.


All replies welcome.

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