TAMAMI runs MACAU Marathon


ImageStarting at 5 AM on Sunday December 1 st in Macau Tamami finished her 6 th Marathon with reasonable results.

Starting in the dark the Marathon field was capped at 1000 runners. However the amount of noise made before the start sounded more like 5000 runners. I said to Tamami at the time that perhaps they would not be making so much noise after running 42 Km.

Tamami started slowly as per plan running the first 5 Km in around 27 minutes. She then started to move through the field. There seemed to be quite a few people in the race who seemed to think it was important to run the first Kms as fast as they could.

Our plan was to meet up around the 35 Km mark and I would run the last few Kms with her. However this was when things started to deviate from the plan.

After Tamami started I ran off into the dark towards what I thought was the 35 Km mark. I ran through the dark deserted streets for about 5 or 6 Kms. Certainly little or no crowd support. But then again who wants to get up at 5 on a Sunday morning ?!

After about 7 Km on my part I came to a large bridge which did not seem to be on the map…actually it was too dark to read the map! After a while I managed to  come to the conclusion I had run the wrong way at was in fact at the 27 Km mark.

It seemed no point running to 35 by myself so I waited for  about two and a half hours till Tamami arrived and then joined her.

At 28 Km Tamami was running around 3-45 pace and looking good. By the final turn ( and there was a lot of turns in this race) at 35.5 Km she had slowed a bit and was running at just under 3-50 pace…maybe a bit faster….but it looked like a PB ( 3-48) would be hard but not impossible.

Running together we were passing a lot of people…we got a few of them to increase their pace ( or stop walking) and run with us…although they all dropped off eventually.

Then came the 38 Km mark where the wheels fell off. Tamami has suffered from leg cramps before and these came back with a vengeance. She stopped to a staggering walk and dropped 15 minutes in the next three Km.

By 41 Km all hope of a good time had gone and the aim was to finish with some sort of class. Tamami sort of recovered and we ran the last 1.2 Km reasonable well passing a few runners.

The finish consisted of almost 400m on the track….Tamami ran down a tall young man in the last 300m which was something.

Still have not received the official time but around 4-04. Nothing flash time wise but a Marathon is a Marathon…some times good….some times it comes up and bites you.

Tamami had no trouble with the distance or the pace but was laid low with leg cramps. But next time..


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