Not only sick but weight up as well.


ImageIt seems these days whenever I fly I end up catching a cold. And sure enough as soon as I get back from Macau I get ill. Only one cure that I know of.

This morning I went to the Gym and pushed some light weights. 10 Kgm dumbells for about 20 minutes. Then I did 9 sets of 50 crunches. 450 Stomach crunches sounds good but I was actually feeling a little dizzy after the weights and collapsing on the mat doing crunches was not too hard.

In the afternoon I ran for an hour. Even though I still felt pretty rough my legs felt ok. Probably to  be expected as I have only gone for short jogs lately apart from 20 Km on Sunday and that probably did not really count. Anyway I think I ran ok even though I did not measure the pace.

Weight has rocketed up to 66.1 Kgm. Again that is probably to be expected as I have been eating whilst in Macau.

Back in Japan now….time to step up the training.



All replies welcome.

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