Steady run.


Beautiful running weather in Tokyo today. Still having a bit of a cold would be an unacceptable excuse for not getting out on the road.ImageToday I still did not feel 100 % but a runner runs so pulled on the old track shoes and headed out towards the secret Shinagawa Forest. Actually if the truth be told I should have been in hospital.

I wanted today to run at a fairly solid pace for over an hour. Although I am far from fast I wanted to get to a pace that was harder to maintain than a ordinary plod around the streets.Maybe something like my half Marathon pace.

I ran for 75 minutes all up. It was a good run only tempered by the fact that I had to stop after 10 minutes for traffic lights and also again about 2 Km from home. These breaks do not really help my training but they give me a short rest.Later will find a course where I do not have to stop at all. At the moment they mean little.

Weight remained at 66.1 Kgm. I know I can not expect drastic weight loss but I was kind of hoping for a little decrease.

Did 150 stomach crunches….I am lazy !


All replies welcome.

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