Are Rest Days worth the effort?


ImageI am beginning to think that Rest Days are over rated.

Nowadays it seems having rest days and recovery days are an essential element in training programs.I have been following this idea for a while now but am beginning to think that resting gives the runner very little. It is easy to think you are helping your body recover from a hard session by taking a day off and doing nothing but a mind numbing hour on the exercise bike or splashing up and down a pool looking at a black line for two hours. But does this help you run better?

I am thinking that I may get back to running something worthwhile every day. If I do feel tired or sore or sick I will plonk along the road for say 10 Kms. But if I feel only slightly tired or sore or ill I will run a substantial distance. As I am trying to run faster at this stage I will not run any further than 25 Km but what I will run is at a level that tests me for at least part of the run.

Today I am almost over my cold. Ran for 75 minutes part of which was what I hoped was my 10 Km pace.

Today 300 stomach crunches and 40 push ups…..getting back into this…slowly …slowly.

Weight up to 66.5 from 66.1 Kgm yesterday. Thats what you get for having an extra cup of coffee.


All replies welcome.

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