Nothing beats a Canal Cruise on a Saturday Night.


ImageI l live on an island in the middle of Tokyo surrounded by canals. As it was dark I wimped out of running the forests in the blackness…plus I had run them 4 days in a row. So tonight I just cruised around the paths next to the canals.

Its a fairly easy run…flat apart from a few bridges…and lit by street lamps. Not too many people out either although dog walkers with long leads can prove exciting at times when running in the shadows.

As it was shorter than my usual runs I probably ran a little too fast. One disadvantage of this run is that it is mostly on tiles. Whilst these look attractive I believe they are harder than my usual road ( and certainly harder than the trails in the Secret Forest).

An OK run for a Saturday evening….did not feel too flash really although I think I ran fairly fast in the second half. Went out for a big lunch which probably did not help.

All replies welcome.

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