Back to the Gym.


ImageI thought it’s about time I  stopped being such a slob and started getting my body back to what it used to look like ( see photo).

So down to the gym early Sunday morning. No one else there. Their loss. Whilst others sleep I train.

Pushed a lot of dumbbells up and down. Even did some lunges with a 10 Kgm dumbell in each hand. Not sure if this does much but it looked good in the mirror.

Pushed my stomach crunches up to 200…and the day not over yet. Also did some inclined stomach crunches on a bench….saw this on Rocky IV.

Friend takes his pulse all the time and has it assessed by his mobile phone ( or something like that ). So I also decided to go down the scientific road. Took my blood pressure…138/80 and my heart rate 46. HR maybe a  little high but that’s not too bad.A start.

Didnt weigh myself today as I went out to lunch yesterday and getting fatter  still just depresses me! I did go to the gym this morning feeling hungry…that’s a plus is it not ?



All replies welcome.

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