Harder the better.


The harder the conditions for training the better it is. Today there was a bit of rain ( admittedly only at the start) a bit of wind and a fairly low temperature when I ran. But I have run in stronger winds and colder conditions so really no big deal. What does not kill us makes us stronger.

Today the plan was to run solidly for around 90 minutes. I did this with really no great effort. I tried to keep a reasonable pace where I could feel that I was actually running and not just plonking along. Keep the pace at a good level and not vary it too much over the run.

Bit of a hassle with so many stop lights. I ran next to the forest as I believed the  wood land trails may be slippery with so much rain over night and this morning. I can just imagine myself feeling strong healthy and fast and then falling over  a hidden root and landing on my face. No joy there.ImageMy plan is not to run long for a while but work on trying a little harder whilst out there. I will at this stage run no longer than two hours. I think that’s a good plan…or maybe just an excuse for being lazy. 🙂


All replies welcome.

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