Pumping Iron


Lazy as I am this morning I staggered out of bed and down to the gym in the basement of my Tokyo Apartment building. I am not such a great fan of the gym but have plans to go every second day. But talk is cheap…so is blog declarations. So we will see.

I try to be reasonably smart and warm up with some 10 kilos dumbells. I do 20 curls and then 20 push of the weights above my head. Then I repeat this another two times. This maybe only a light warm up but it’s hard enough.

Apart from pushing the weights around I have started doing some lunges with a 20 kilo dumbell in each hand. I have never done this before so I am taking it easy. 3 sets of 20.

I also get in 200 stomach crunches on the mat and do some inclined bench crunches….like I saw Clubber Lang do in Rocky 2.

Gym was empty this morning….apart from an eager photographer !



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