Gym in the Morning/ Track in the evening. Bookend the day.


Felt pretty ordinary this morning when I got up. Dragged myself down to the Gym feeling like a Zombie. Not one of those fast ones from the Movie Z Wars but more like those lumbering brain dead ones from The Waling Dead TV show.ImageDid my usual light weigh warm up  before starting. Between sets I did 20 lunges with 15 kilos in each hand. I know not that heavy but that’s the heaviest my Gym has.

A long distance runner can be quite fit and even strong ( although I am not) but can still have a pot belly ( which I sort of have). I know stomach crunches will not alone give you a flat gut but they should help strengthen my core ( does that sound  good?). Did 250 crunches in sets of 50. After each set I do some hamstring stretches. I suppose you could argue that if I am really serious I would do 1000 crunches a day. But unfortunately I am chronically lazy. Maybe later I will do more.

Also did 20 crunches on the inclined bench with 4 twists each time. Quite hard. Maybe  will build up to 100.

TONIGHT….Namban Rengo Track training. Program is 1200,1200,1000,1000,800,800.

Some team mates are running 40 Km before training….following the Yamanote Railway line. I have done this in the past but that was in day light….running the streets of Tokyo at night in peak hour is not for me. As I said I am lazy !!

Current Weight is 65.6 kilos. Way to go. I think when I run another Marathon I would like to be 64 kilos.



All replies welcome.

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