Hard running and heavy weights


Well actually it was the other way around. Dragged  myself out of bed again and limped down to the gym for the third day in a row.Did a bit more than last two days and finished off with 300 crunches. Still a little sore from the track last night. Did 60 lunges with 30 Kgm. Not sure if that helps much but will keep trying for a while yet.

Felt a bit tired at the start of my run today. Decided to not run as long but to try and run a bit faster. That after all is my stated aim. Not just plonk around the streets like a sick elephant but to actually run. My total time may have only been 78  minutes but I did push myself to the extent I felt quite ill at the finish. Thats a plus.

Unfortunately my weight for some strange reason has gone through the roof and I am 600 grams heavier than yesterday. I don’t think I am over eating. In fact my ill feeling at the end of tonight’s run was probably due to hunger. So why am I waddling around at 66.2 Kgm?!! Some folks give up eating for a day or two but I lack will power to do this.Image


All replies welcome.

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