Training on the track


I belong to the Namban Rengo running club in Tokyo,Japan. Every Wednesday we meet at the Oda running track and do speed work.

Most nights we have between 50 to 60 runners. Our club consist of runners frall any nationalities. probably about 40 % are Japanese. I could be wrong on this figure.

We devide into two groups. Those who run at sub 4 minute per Km pace  which are called the A group. And the rest. The  B group. Each group has a leader whose main task is to yell ” lets go”.

Sad to say I am one of the B group.

We are led by a tall young Brit called Matthew Holmes ( maybe a distant rellie from the old country). Entry to the track is free on Wednesdays so there are runners of all standards every where. Part of Matthew’s job is to find a gap in the steady stream of runners for the B group to start. Tonight we had about 35 runners in our group.

Last night’s work out 1200,1200,1000,1000,800,800. There is about 2 minutes rest before each rep.  A group have less time to rest.

So far I can not really run on the track. I am slowly improving on the road and in the second half of my runs I seem to move OK….but that’s with a 40 minute warm up.

Tonight my Times were very slow.

1200  5.14

1000 4.11

800 3.16

I think what I need is for the synapses between my brain and legs to operate. My mind is there but my legs don’t seem to respond.Image

Here is a photo of me in my Namban singlet….taken in Melbourne. Note the sun….no sun last night in Japan! Not that I complain about the cold! 🙂


All replies welcome.

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