Solid Run and Gym session on rest day


After a hard run yesterday felt a bit weary so decided to make Friday a rest day. Hit the gym early and did my usual light dumbell work out. I cut my crunches down to 200 but upped my lunges to 100. Did 5 sets of 10 crunches on the inclined bench.

As I spent a lot of the day walking around an antique fair I did not fancy going out into the dark Tokyo streets tonight. The is always something about a Friday night that causes you ( or at least me) to want to take it very easy. Plus the wind was something fierce and it was none too warm either.ImageI ran fairly easily for the first half hour but then picked up the pace for the return journey. I know an hour run sounds like a bit of a cop out but I certainly found it hard enough. Legs sore from yesterday…or maybe all the walking…..Further I am still too heavy…not to mention out of shape.

Weight still 66.2 Kilos which is probably to be expected as I had a cup of coffee after the Fair.

All replies welcome.

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