Man v Weather


I have always thought that if you have the right mind set you can run in almost any weather. 

On the week end went to stay with a relative of Tamami’s in a place called KOBUCHIZAWA which is at the foot of the Northern and Southern Japanese Alps.

As we had many sight seeing things to do I did not get out for my run on Saturday until around 4 PM. It was Minus 5 C which is a temperature I have never really run in before.ImageThere was some sort of snow around but it was only minimal. I decided to just run up the Mountain next to the relatives’ house and hopefully get up to the snow line.

I did not intend to be out for long so just wore Tee and shorts ( and trusty running shoes of course). However I have not been doing much hill running as of late so after 10 minutes of steady climbing I was breathing hard.My fingers were starting to get numb. I never like gloves but this may have been the time for them.

After about 20 minutes of running nothing but up hill ( at a very slow pace) it stated to get dark. There was snow on the side of the road but it was mainly just in the gutters. My head started to hurt at this time. A hat would have been nice.

After 25 minutes I wimped out and headed for home….at this time my head was REALLY hurting but i had lost feeling in my hands so not pain there.There was a fairly strong wind and as I ran down hill my legs stated feeling a little odd. It didnt help that I took a slightly wrong turn in the gloom and had to turn around and go up again to retrace my steps.

The whole run took less than 45 minutes so not exactly climbing Everest. But certainly was an experience. I probably could have run further…especially if not for the wind which must have knocked the temperature down a notch or three.

I put my frozen hands into some very hot water when I got back. Perhaps this was not a good idea either. You live and learn.


2 thoughts on “Man v Weather

  1. As I ran I thought of Jimmy Stynes running up a mountain in the snow in Ireland expecting to find his mother in a car waiting for him at the top. I did see a Taxi but I did not even know the address of Tamami’s relatives !

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