No more long runs for now.


At the moment I am putting long runs aside and keeping my runs down to 20 Km or less. I know that does not sound like much but I want  to increase my pace. As I get closer to the next Marathon I will start some long runs but for now I want to work on speed.ImageStarted the day ( and week) reasonably well by pushing myself down to the gym. Upped my weight session to 45 minutes ( from usual 30 minutes). Went OK.  Also did 100 lunges and 400 stomach crunches. Also later in the morning did push ups in my apartment.

Over the week end I hit the food basket fairly hard. So pleased to see my weight is 65.9 Kgm. Not fantastic but could have been worse.

It was getting a little dark this afternoon when I set off for my run. 85 minutes was all I wanted to do. Put in a few burst and generally felt OK. Although my left hamstring caused me some worry but the pain went away eventually. The temperature was not really that bad…about 11 degrees. But the wind was horrendous. So strong I was quite glad of my current solid weight. Finished in the pitch black but that does not really mean much.


All replies welcome.

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