Importance of Will Power.


A large part of running is having will power. Will power to get you out of bed early in the morning to go for a long run before breakfast and then ( if you are a competitive runner maybe) the will power to get you out on the road  again  in the dark after a long day at work.

I do not have to get up too early these days but struggle to get to the gym anyway. This week it’s two for two so at least a start. I did my usual light weigh session plus 200 stomach crunches and 20 push ups. Did 60 lunges with weights and also 40 sit ups on the inclined bench.

It was not super cold this afternoon when I headed out into Tokyo gloom.ImageTemperature was 10 degrees but felt like 7 ( according to my iPad Ap). Wind was quite strong but I think last night was a lot worse. So over all conditions were quite good…well make that OK.Did not want to run too far tonight after a fairly hard run yesterday and with a track session coming up tomorrow. But I still wanted to push myself a bit so ran only for 70 minutes with a number of surges thrown in. Not super fast to be sure but at least I turned my legs over.

Bit of a shock when I got home. I had been shopping in the day and whilst waiting for the ( free) bus to take me home had a coffee. I of course don’t take sugar but I think there must have been  some sort of sugary commercial thing in it. Weight was 66.4 when I checked. Yesterday was 65.9 Kgm. Thats what I mean about Will Power….or my lack of it. No more such!! You live and learn.


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