Sleepless night is no excuse for missing training.


Had an almost sleepless night last night. When I did manage to get to sleep woke with a it of a cold and a sore back to go with my sore hammy and painful quad. But I knew this is not a reason for missing exercising.

In old Japan if you were a Samurai in the employ of say Tokugama Ieyasu at the siege of Osaka castle in 1615 you would not say ” Listen Lord, did not catch a wink of sleep last night so I better take a rest day. But good luck to you and the lads .” That would not cut it at all.ImageYou would no doubt say ” Great Stuff Lord. Throwing my life away in your service is number one on my Life’s Bucket List” Then you would shout ” Bonzai ” and charge forward. If you got an arrow in the throat and died you would be damned pleased to have put in a good day’s work.

So bad as I felt I dragged myself to the gym to push some weights. Also did 100 lunges,60 push ups,400 stomach crunches and 50 sit-ups on the inclined bench.

Tonight it is training with Nambanners at the track. it is about 7 degrees so weather is not that cold. People talked of snow. But so far the sky is clear. Should be a good night.


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