” Backing off is the better part of Valour ” W. Shakespeare.


When you have been injured as often as I have the best thing to do when you feel a little niggle is to back off the intensity. I mean it is the smart thing. Not that I always do the smart thing. To say the least.ImageI have been feeling a little pain in my left hammy for the last few days so decided today to rest and just go for a short jog. Smart? I think so.

Went to the gym again first thing this morning. Four days in a row. I know going to the gym is really not the best thing but my thinking is that I am really not doing much in the gym. Less than an hour a day. So going everyday should not hurt me.

Also did 650 stomach crunches ( I do these in sets of 50) and 100 lunges with 15 kilo dumbells in each hand.70 push ups and 50 sit ups on the inclined bench.


All replies welcome.

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