Running in the rain.


There is always something about running a Friday that makes it just a little harder. Maybe it’s just me but I feel the week is pretty much over and it’s time to put my feet up in front on the fire with a good book on my lap.

Come early Friday evening it was raining heavily and about 7 degrees ( although the strong wind made it feel so much colder). I had dinner out followed by the Theatre so I had no choice but to hit the Tokyo roads a tad earlier than usual. I only had an hour free which was a good enough excuse to only run for an hour. ( Sometimes I lack the will power to push myself harder).

I wore a rain jacket but declined tights or gloves. True it was bucketing down but my thinking was I would only be out for an hour so really just how cold my legs  and  hands possibly get. The answer of course was ‘very’. But then again,so what?.

So Friday consisted of a solid gym session,lots of crunches and push ups,an hour run in blinding rain and walking and walking through and with a zillion salary men traveling on the Japanese rail system.Image


Weight was 65.8 Kilos. I am of a mind that anything under 66 Kilos at this stage is acceptable.



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