Sunday is long run day…for Some Folk.


For the time being I  have decided to forgo the Long Run and keep my runs to less than 20km. According yesterday ( Sunday ) I set out with Tamami to run a steady 18 Km through the Shinagawa Forest and Tokyo streets.

We probably started a bit fast and in fact hit my turn point for this run in 39 minutes something. Normally I do it in 42 minutes. But Tamami was running well so I didn’t voice my opinion that were traveling a tad too quick. However when we got to around 15 Km Tamami was forced to stop with pain behind the knee. We jogged the last three or so Kms home and finished in about 90 minutes.

I suppose running for 90 minutes is better than sitting on the sofa and eating cake but I am not sure this run did me much good.

Only three weeks since Tamami ran the Macau Marathon so she is still in recovery mode.Image


All replies welcome.

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