Tempo Run Monday.


ImageAfter a fairly ordinary 90 minute run yesterday I decided to try and run a little faster Monday. Call it a Tempo run of sorts.

I left it a bit late so I was running off into the Tokyo darkness when I set off. I managed to run thru one forest but after that kept to the normal suburban streets. As it was the Emperor’s Birthday it was a Public Holiday so far less workers to dodge past in the darkness.

Reached the flower market where I do a time check in 37 minutes. first time I have been under 39 minutes for that point. Ok,sure it was 37.52 but it was under 38 and 39.So that was a positive.

Total run was only 80 minutes or so but I felt as if I pushed it and did not just give up when it started to hurt.

Even though it was very dark…oh and very cold and very windy( but who notices)…I ran at what to me seemed a solid pace. I kept up the quicker than usual pace for a fairly good stretch which was encouraging. If I can keep putting the training weeks together with runs like this I should be in reasonable shape come the start of the Cross Country season in April 2014.

Weight was 65.4kgm. Acceptable at this stage. Especially at this time of year where I am often tempted to eat food. I still have to work on my stomach.

All replies welcome.

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