Christmas Day Run


Christmas Day is always a good day to run hard. However Tamami had experienced a sore knee forcing her to jog home the other day so we decided For no more than an hour.Image

Being such a nice guy I ran with her….sort of like a Christmas pressie ( even though she does not celebrate Christmas). I get gifts…she does not. Seems OK to me.

We had gone to see the 624m high sky tree during the day so it was starting to get dark when we started.7 degrees and a biting wind.Tamami wore her usual tights and gloves. I prefer to feel the weather  as I run.

Despite the gloom we ran through the first Shinagawa Forest and then headed for home along the canal path. The wind off the water adds a little something. No  great pace but a good enough run.

Total run time was slightly less than an hour. Tamami experienced no pain in her knee which was a plus.



All replies welcome.

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