Enjoyable Long ( ish) Run


This morning’s run was neither long nor hard. About 20 Km at a moderate pace. But it was really enjoyable as I ran with fellow Namban Team mates.ImageStarting at 10.43 AM on a Saturday morning was a bit unusual for me. I normally run late afternoon into the darkness and come home in the pitch black of night in crowded Tokyo streets.

A few late cancellations did not deter the hardy few nor did the temperature of 7 degrees.Nambanners laugh at cold.

We ran along the paths next to the canals near our apartment then to the Five Shinagawa Forests. Being early in the day there was no trouble from any animals who may have been in the woods as we ran past.

After heading towards Hanada Airport for about 50 minutes we made a U turn and cruised home. A good run.

Fairly easy running for me although I did try very hard running over some hills. I could not keep up with one of my co runners which was a disappointing. Makes me feel old. Old and slow. But I suppose every day he will get older whilst I stay the same age so the gap should close eventually.

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