2014 Resolutions/Aims


imageWell these will only be my running related resolutions as probably few folk are interested in my resolution to sand down and paint the garage door. Maybe few are interested in my running Resolutions either. But here they are regardless..

1.Run every 2014 race faster than the equivalent 2013 race. In 2013 I started the year injured and continued to be so for most of the season only improving near the end of the year. I still ran every race which few others managed even if I was only on one leg.

2. Run two marathons. I ran two in 2013 so I should be able to manage this. Not super keen but often they are a good excuse for an overseas trip.

3.Win a medal at a Championship. I don’t care what championship…State….Marathon….Asian Pacific….anything will do.

4. Beat Stuart and Tarquin. Two running friends both with far more ability than me. I have known Tarquin since the 60s and only beaten him once. Will this be the year. He is not getting any younger.

5. Run 5 Km in less than 20 minutes. I know…slow as a dead tree….but that’s my fate now. I will have to work to get even this Rather modest goal.

6. Qualify for Boston,New York and London Marathons. I already have a BQ so I should be able to get the other ones.

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