Running Diary: One year on


From the early 80s I have kept a diary of my daily running and exercises. Today I compare a page from my 2012 diary and my 2013 diary. December 31st on both years. Here is exactly what I have written on those two days

December  31st 2012

Push ups 100

Stomach Crunches on Exercise ball  400

Exercise Bike 30 km

Run: 50 m Leg sore…does not even feel close to right

weight 68.5  Heart Rate 52. Blood pressure 174/99


December 31st 2013

Push ups 100

Stomach crunches 300

Run: 15 Km….last 8 hard

Weight 65.2 Kgm. Heart Rate 42. Blood Pressure 120/80ImageNow for 2014.


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