And this the year begins….not with a bang but a jog.


After getting up at 6 to watch the sun rise this morning and then stomping around a temple all day today with a sore back I did not feel up to running much. Add to that I ran fairly hard yesterday and am very concerned these days about not getting injured No not willing to go into the Forest for a long run.As things stand my right quad is a little sore…but I live with that.My left Achilles hurts a bit.My back causes me trouble but not all the time.

Today I just ran around the canals near my apartment for 30 minutes. It was  cold and windy and not really much fun but it’s nice to start the year with a bit of a run. I also did 100 push ups and 150 crunches. My weight is 65.8 Kilos which is a pass.

I note from my Running Diary of 2013 that this time last year I was still injured and could not do much. Just sat around like a dead tree. January 1st 2013 consisted of a 60 minute walk,a 25 Km exercise bike ride,100 push ups,300 crunches,200 Swiss ball crunches and a short jog up a small hill which apparently caused sharp pain. No weight recorded. Probably I was fat. Fat and unhappy.

However miserable today’s run may have been I am at least better than 2013. The battle continues.Image


All replies welcome.

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