Ran harder inspired by Japanese Relay runners.


After watching a lot of the Hakone College Ekiden ( relay ) yesterday and todayon TV I took to the cold windy dark Tokyo streets tonight and tried to run a bit harder than my usual plod.

Those Japanese guys really gave their all and many…most…collapsed after running their leg of the race.ImageOf course they live in a different universe than me with many running sub 29 minutes for 10 Km and I noted one whose PB for 10km was  27.51. Very fast for university lads.

I wore my new shoes for the first time today. Bit big maybe. It was only about 5 degrees out on the wind swept Tokyo roads tonight when I ran. So maybe back in the Aussie heat my feet will swell to accommodate these shoes.

I ran fairly well for the first 8 Km or so and then tried to bring it home hard my pushing myself for about 7 Km. I think I ran ok. You can never really tell how fast you are actually going when you are alone and in the dark. But I thought I was moving ok.

I know I have a long way to go to really get any speed but I am ever so slowly building a base of general fitness.

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