Never Complain about the weather.Just run.


I try never to complain about the cold ( humidity is another matter) and just get out and do it. But tonight the wind off the Tokyo canals really cut through me. I only run in T shirt and shorts ( and new running shoes) which makes me feel kind of superior to everyone else who is in full  track suits and wearing gloves and ohath as not a woolen hat.  The idea is to suffer is it not !!! 🙂

I had a hard run last night and tomorrow morning I will be running around the Palace with Namban Team Mates so this Saturday night run was confined to a cold 30 minutes. I have many excuses ! I wore my flashy new shoes for the second time…ok I guess but they still felt a little big. Not sure I am all that happy with them.Image

When I finished running I was frozen.  Took a Selfie to show my freezed up face. Unfortunately the shot I took does not reflect just how cold I was. Not that I ever complain. Well not much. 🙂


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