Group Run around the Palace.


Temp. in Tokyo this morning was 5 degrees but felt like zero  according to my iPad. But this meant nothing to a strong group of Namban runners. Meeting up with Team Mates at the Palace we set off at a brisk pace. A Brit,some Japanese and myself ( an Aussie).

It is 5 Km per lap Around the Palace. We only ran 4 laps ( 20 Kms) . We kicked the pace down for the second half of the last lap and really motored home.

I normally run pretty much alone or with wife Tamami San. Also all of my runs end in the dark in Japan. Today was a morning run with others. It made things very enjoyable. Not a very fast pace and lots of chatImageAfter finishing the run we went to a local restaurant for a bowl of spaghetti and a hot coffee. I ordered a waffle for desert in a fit of wildness. I split with Tamami and Matthew ( the big Brit in orange) so it was not completely decadent. 

This was the third group run Tamami and I have organized in Japan  this visit. All have been very enjoyable for us. It is another aspect of training to run with friends.




All replies welcome.

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