Gym day and a rest.



Calf feeling a little tight so only a short jog and a trip to the gym today. new policy is to take it easy at first hint of an injury and not just ‘ run it out ‘ as I did for decades.

My last full day in Japan until I return in July. So it was good to have a last session in my Apartment Building’s gym.

40 minutes was about my limit.  Also 200 push ups ( which is probably my best ever day push up wise)…plus 600 stomach crunches ( another big day )…plus 100 lunges with weights….plus 20x 2 of inclined bench sit ups.


I also went for a short jog and felt no pain so that was good. I will try another run tomorrow of around 12 Kms.

After Gym I took my heart rate which was 55 which is OK after training. Also brook my Blood Pressure which was 127/79 which is pretty much perfect.




All replies welcome.

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