Run before catching the plane.


Leaving Tokyo this afternoon for Australia. Back in July. A little sad to be leaving but on the other hand looking forward to going to Australia. Actually I want to be two people. Live in Japan and live in Australia.

Flight isImage

late afternoon so plenty of time to get a run in. It was only about 12 or 13 Km but at least I got to turn my legs over. plus it was a chance for a run in the Secret Shinagawa Forest for the last time till July.

Temperature was 6 degrees ( feels like 4 ) but I am pretty much accustomed to the cooler weather now. Only ran thru one forest and then ran next to the canals ( wind was interesting off the water) back to the apartment. A little sad I will not be able to do this run again until July.

Lazy as I am I did 200 stomach crunches and 50 push ups today. Not a lot but……( insert excuse here). 🙂

Weight is 65.7 Kilos…..not sure but this is about my weight when I arrived in Japan in November.

Next stop…sunny Surfers Paradise in Queensland in Australia. Bring on the sun!


All replies welcome.

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