Warm weather running in Sunny Queensland


Finding running in 28 degrees here in Australia a lot different to the last 9 weeks of running in the cool of Japan.

Started my run reasonably enough this afternoon despite feeling a little tired. Sun was out in force but I slapped on heaps on suntan lotion and some Hawaiin Tanning Oil ( love the smell). First hassle was my shorts. After working hard and losing weight they refused to stay up. Luckily Tamami was on hand to loan me some cord to tie around my waist. Ah…the difficulties of being slim.

Got to the 9 Km point and thought about doing another 4 so it would be 13 out and 13 back…total 26 Km in the heat. But felt a bit lazy and actually still a bit sick from my nose cold…plus my back was hurting. So decided to wimp out and turn into quite a strong head wind and push home along the sand.

Ran along the sand for about 2 Km and it was hell. Soft sand all the way. I was feeling very hot and my right quad was acting up. Again I took the easy option and ran over a large sand dune and back to the paths.

ImageRan the last 7 or so along the paths and various roads.. Ran ok eventually but was really glad to see the finish.

It is certainly nice in Sunny Surfers Paradise but it may take a while to adjust to running in the heat….even if the runs are only 18 Km.

All replies welcome.

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